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Women's Brand

Nestled inside an Art Déco building dated 1894, the Lemmiʼs woman section is structured as a house. Three rooms underline the different moments of the day. At the entrance room you can find accessories, bags, jewelry, gloves, scarves, hats and some small decorating ideas. Then there is the living room, with the fireplace and the armchairs where you can relax a little getting a look through magazines or books on art and fashion, listening to a delicate background of classical or jazz music. Finally, the wardrobe room, with so many proposals, where you can choose who to be every day. The continuous research, the abundance of always new proposals, styles and brands, is the feature of the store. Antonella Lemmi takes care personally of the brands selections and she loves to handpick collections from small workshops all around Italy. The scrupulous selection of products guarantees always the high quality of materials.


Choosing a jewel, as well as a handbag, a scarf or a hat, becomes part of the construction of your personality. Pick an accessory means dedicating the right attention to the search for that extra touch that can transform a simple sheath dress into an evening dress or play down an elegant dress and make it an all-day chic dress.

Fin dal 1948 è un importante punto di riferimento nell’ambito dell’abbigliamento